Buying Asian-made tyres may be cheaper but do you really get value for money?  Many Asian-made tyres are poor quality which means they wear out fast and lack grip, especially in the wet.
American-designed Starfire Quality Sports Tires
Starfire Quality Sports Tires are Asian-made but American-designed to give you the abilities of a high performance tyre, without sacrificing tyre life and are made with the construction and looks to compete against other premium brands, without the premium price.
The RS-R 1.0 Sports Performance tyre has been designed for high performance car owners as well as drivers who like to customise their vehicles.
The RS-C 2.0 Sports Touring tyre has been designed to offer drivers the maximum comfort, low noise and good value performance in a popular range of sizes for small to medium size vehicles.
RS-R-1.0-Half-small RS-C-2.0-Half-small
Made to high U.S. technological standards
Made to high U.S. technological standards, Starfire Tires undergo the same stringent quality and testing.  All tyres meet the stringent 'Uniform Tire Quality Grading' (UTQG) system and the results support that Starfire tyres are long-lasting as well as the top category for grip and handling consistency. 
Starfire Tires tested against three popular Asian-made tyres 
To prove it, Australia’s Starfire team travelled to America to see Starfire put its RS-R 1.0 tyre to the test against three popular brands of Asian-made tyres available in Australia. Click here to watch video of the testing and see the results.
Starfire Tires were put to the test against
three popular Asian-made tyres